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Home & School Association

The Home and School Association is a vital part of the Saint Bernadette Catholic School community. It is comprised of all parents of current Saint Bernadette students. The Association is responsible for organizing a number of events throughout the year, as well as assisting the administration and faculty with a variety of school activities. The Association also organizes and oversees the fundraising efforts of the school and the volunteer component of each school families’ obligation.

The Association sponsors many events, including the Annual Wine Tasting, Annual Golf Outing,  Mother’s Day plant sale, Student and Teacher Appreciation Days, Catholic Schools Week activities, the Annual Book Fair, and school sponsored Car Washes.

The Home and School Association assists in organizing parent volunteers for a variety of tasks such as mass mailings, building and grounds improvements, Library Media Center assistance, and School Archive organization. Active membership in the Home and School Association allows each family to be directly involved in furthering the goals of Saint Bernadette Catholic School.

As always, we greatly appreciate the time and effort all SBS parents put into making this school the success that it is!



Upcoming Events
  1. Summer Office hours

    June 20 - August 23
  2. First Day of School 2018-2019

    August 30