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Father Carter

I was born on May 4, 1944 in Saint Raphael’s hospital. Two years later my sister Kathy was born. Kathy and I are the best of friends. Together, with my brother-in-law, Larry, I have two nieces and one nephew up; together they have seven children. My mother was an elementary school teacher at the old Betsy Ross School and Quinnipiac Avenue and later, for 30 years at the Putnam Avenue school in Hamden; my father the chief clerk for the New Haven Police Department serving six chiefs. In 1956, Saint Rita’s School was under construction. I attended CCD classes. One afternoon, religious sister of Notre Dame of Damur gave each of us a rosary and taught us how to use it. For grades 7 and 8 I walked 3/4 of a mile to the Michael J Whelan Junior High School; I began to pray the rosary on the way. I believe that was the beginning of my vocation to priesthood. I became an altar boy at Saint Rita’s and discovered the goodness of the priests; before mass we often talked about Little League baseball in the major leagues. At that time there were three teams in New York.

In 1962 I entered Notre Dame high school. The Holy Cross brothers invited students arrived early to rest in their private chapel in their home at the foot of the hill. I did every day, sometimes to get dryer keep warm. I sat in the back row and just sat. Saint John Vianny, the patron saint of priests, once said “he looks at me and I look at him”. St. John of the cross: “We can hardly imagine a gift Christ gives us when we take the time to sit with him.”

I attended Boston College and went to mass each day. For the first time I begin to think about the priesthood. At the time though, I feel it was not for me. In 1968 became an English teacher, again at Michael Whelan. I earned graduate degrees in English and administration/supervision. I took a two year leave of absence and serve both the Sacred Heart Parish in elementary school in Columbus Avenue. In that time I apply to become a diocesan priest.

I was assigned to the Christ the King seminary in East Aurora, New York, just south of Buffalo. As I look back I realize the most dramatic part of my problem with becoming a part-time chaplain at the Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. On Saturday evenings, I return to sit with children in intensive care.

I was ordained to priesthood on September 20, 1986. Last year I celebrated my 30th anniversary. I’ve been assigned to six parishes, each with a parochial school. In 2009 I was appointed here at Saint Bernadette School and I’m very pleased. Last year I received the archdiocesan award for “Distinguished Elementary School Pastor of the Year”. For 42 years, including Hamden, I’ve been serving children. I enjoy what I do. As I write, I’m helping our SBS and CCD teachers prepare their students for First Penance and first Holy Communion.

30 years ago, at ordination, each candidate was invited to create a Holy card, a remembrance of the location. I included a line from Scripture, which is important to me: “With what shall I come before the Lord, and bow before God most high? You have been told, O man, what is good, and with the Lord requires of you: only to do the right and love goodness and walk humbly with your God.” Micah, 6:6,8


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