Drama Club

The school Drama Club is open to all students in grades 3-8.  The club currently produces one grand performance annually. The club is moderated and directed by faculty members who have many years of experience producing theatrical performances.


 Cast Picture from Mulan, Jr. – March 7 -8, 2015


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Past Performances/Casts:

Annie, Jr.  2011-2012

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Seussical, Jr.  2012-2013

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The 2013-2014 Production is “Beauty and the Beast, Jr.”

Be Our Guest 3 Beast and the servants 2 Beauty and the Beast finale 2 finale 3 Gaston - tavern Human Again 2 Kill the Beast! 2 Maurice arrives at the castle 2 Maurice arrives at the castle We're Human Again! Wolves attack the Beast Belle and Gaston Gaston and Lefou 2 Gaston and Lefou