Middle School Grade 8

 Ms. Jillian Studdard


October 21, 2016

Hello Parents!

The students had another successful week! We are just about done with Maniac Magee. By the middle of next week, our novel will be over and we will be reviewing for our Unit Test on Friday October 28th! The kids seem to really be enjoying the book and I’m sad to have the unit be coming to an end. We will work on our 8th grade Time Capsule’s until we begin our Figurative Language Unit the week of November 1st! There are a lot of fun assignments in our Figurative Language Unit and the kids should have a lot of fun learning them.

In English Language Arts we are learning about Possessive Nouns this week. It’s riveting stuff! Ask the kids, it’s changing lives! 🙂 We recited a witty poem to help us remember. Peter did a very nice rap rendition for us. We had interactive lessons where the kids were able to come up to the board and write the possessive forms of different words. Sitting for 40 minutes at a time could get boring for just about anyone!


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Just a reminder, our school store is open every Friday at lunch and recess time. Announcements are made on Thursday and Friday mornings as a reminder for students who would like to bring money in to buy school supplies that are much cheaper than they would be at Staples — and it helps out the 8th grade class!

We will also be having a Halloween Dance next week on October 28th from 7PM-9PM in the Church Hall. The 6th, 7th, & 8th grades are invited. In order to make this dance a reality, we will need parents to please donate food, drinks, decorations and their time to help us with this event. I also wanted to get some disposable cameras so the kids could snap photos of themselves that they can’t look at two seconds later (you know, like we did in the olden days). I have sent a flyer home with information about our dance. We encourage all parents to please participate! If you have any additional questions about the dance, please contact me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Miss S


October 14, 2016

Hello Parents!

Our 8th graders had another successful week. We are well into our chapter book, Maniac Magee for Literature class. If you haven’t heard of this amazing book, you can read more about it here. It’s a great story with a lot of informative themes (family, friendship, race, segregation, homelessness, and baseball to name a few). The kids seem to really be enjoying it. We are almost finished and we will soon be reviewing for our Maniac Magee exam and project assignments!

In English Language Arts, we are learning about appositives and how to identify them in sentences.


We are also learning how to write Personal Narrative stories. The kids got to choose the following topics this week:

  1. A time they made the wrong choice and they learned from it.
  2. The first time they did something and actually enjoyed it or realized they didn’t enjoy it.


If parents have any questions or concerns about this week’s lessons, please feel free to contact me!


Miss Studdard