Grade 8

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Mr. Edward Goad

Grade 8

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The beginning of the year provides new challenges for the 8th grade; new lockers, new schedule, and new leadership.  The 8th grade is the last stop before high school.  Students are looking ahead to their future and will be attending a high school night at a future date.  In addition, the Student Council officers and representatives will be chosen and introduced at the upcoming ice cream social.

The 8th grade has been tested on the books that they read over their Summer vacation and have begun exploring the Civil War in History class.  In Geography, students are traveling to Africa to explore the vast cultures and experience the different languages, religions, and foods.  In History they will be working toward the World Wars with activities along the way such as the Invention Convention.  In Geography, by the end of the 8th grade year, students will have visited each country of the continent of Africa.