Middle School Grade 6

  Ms. Andrea Girasulo


Grade 6 Home Room


Every morning we come into HR and get ourselves organized for the day. We write our prayer for the day to God on a sticky note and put it up on the board. We start our day by being pleasant and positive.



In Science, we are constantly learning new things and often have lively discussions making connections with everyday life. We are learning about the planet Earth, weather and cell life in Gr. 6. In Gr. 7 & 8, we are diving deeply into the smallest living organisms in life. It’s amazing how something so small keeps all living things ( including ourselves) going!


  • Grade 6,7,8 Math- We work hard in Math and are proud of what we achieve. We make sure everyone understands the concept before we move on. Sometimes we work together. Everyone is a teacher and a student. We have learned so much already that we have surprised ourselves!