Grade 3

Ms. Lori Gill

This year I have a wonderful team of third graders. The children have been working dilligently throughout the year and strive to be well prepared as fourth graders next year.  They have done a wonderful job learning new responsibilities, working independently, and setting goals.

The students have been developing their writing skills in Language Arts and learning about different Communities in our country past and present in Social Studies.  The students have been learning about the importance of being part of God’s community and utilizing our gifts God gave us, to help and reach out to others. The students are learning about the importance of growing as a person and learning about life growth for plants and animals in Science.

During this transitional year the children are working on responsibility inside and outside the classroom and have learned to utilize those skills in everyday life.  The goals for the year have included further development of listening skills, following directions both verbal and written, learning to accept responsibility for oneself and as a part of a group.  We practice re-enforcing positive social interaction-including tolerance, and further development of academic skills.

The students will be making their First Communion on May 2, 2015 at 11:00.  We will be preparing throughout the year for this very special Sacrament.