Grade 2

September Newsletter

Hello and welcome to September! We’ve had a great start to 2nd grade. Your child is part of an amazing class full of fun and excited learners. We are off to a very busy beginning. I love how this class is eager to help one another and keep each other on track. I can foresee that we will make exceptional progress, this year!
We have been going over basic procedures and rules for the school and the classroom. Next week, we will begin our classroom jobs and continue talking about behavior expectations.
2nd grade has been busy getting to know each other. We’ve talked about our likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. Thank you for the information you have provided me about your child!
All of SBS will participate in choosing to be “KIND”, which will go along with the Wonder, novel, book. We have read the book We Are Wonders and began the conversation about a unique little boy named Augie who has a difficult time going to school, because of the way he looks. All it took was one classmate, who chose to be kind to him and others followed. Augie has inspired us to think about how, we are all extraordinary. We’ve, also, talked about how special and unique God has made us and how awesome it is to be you!
These discussions will lead us into our first story in our reading book. It’s called The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. Eric Carle will also be our author study for the month of September. If your child has a book by Eric Carle or you would like to pick one up at the library, your child may bring it in for the month and share it with the class.
We have begun working in our writing journals. Your child will be making a journal entry every day. Each day, they will receive a new question to answer. These questions will spark inspiration and turn your children into exceptional writers!
Each month, I will be sending home a glyph. It’s a fun project to do with your child. You may paste it to the construction paper and be as creative as you like. Each month, I will list the glyph due date under the important dates.
I will also send out a scholastic order each month. If you would like to purchase, the due date is September 8th. Thank you for all of your support!

Have A Sparkling September!

Mrs. Perito =)

Important September Dates

1 – 9:00 am First Friday Mass
4 – No School Labor Day
7 – Dress Down “Cowboy Style”
8 – Scholastic Order Due / Movie Night 7:00pm / Glyph Due
12 – Home and School Meeting 6:00 / Picture Day
19 – Ice Cream Social
23 – Car Wash 9 – 1
25 – No School Professional Development
26 – Golf Tournament Orange Hills Country Club