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We have both a technology outline which we submitted to the Archdiocese of Hartford main office as well as a technology handbook which we can link to from here.  They are larger documents so I will need to send them to you separate. And/or we can add something like this:

Student Research Links and Interactives

Students can access online  school-provided databases,  other online research resources,and textbook links.  This includes such databases as IXL, Digital Science, Spelling City, Moby Max, and Raz-Kids.

eBooks and Audiobooks

The growing popularity of ebook readers makes the access to some of the greatest literature of all time available at no charge. Many of the materials available do not even require a dedicated ebook reader – all you need is your desktop or laptop computer. 

ebooks and audiobooks

Take full advantage of your ebook reader, your i-device, or your desktop/laptop computer. This information is provided in the hopes that our students and their families will continue to discover the wonders of reading.

WHAT ARE ebooks?

ebooks are digitized versions of the books you once bought from a bricks and mortar bookstore or borrowed from your local library.  ebooks are available in many formats for many devices, however the most popular formats are .epub, .azw (Amazon Kindle files), and .pdf.

Much to the delight of readers around the globe, many books have been digitized to include the wonderful illustrations, covers, endpapers, and photographs included in the original book. Content is being created with new ebooks that include embedded videos and moving illustrations. These features make how-to books, cookbooks, and childrens books a special experience.

WHAT ARE audiobooks?

Audiobooks are digital recordings of books being read. They can be dramatized versions of the book, complete with multiple voices and sound effects, or straight readings of the text. Audiobooks have been available for many years on cassette tape and CD, however you can now download them as audio files directly to your device or computer.

ebook Readers vs. Your Desktop or Laptop

ebooks and audiobooks can be read (or heard) on a variety of devices, including your desktop or laptop computer, your i-device, or a dedicated ebook reader. The avid reader is not shut out of the free book world if s/he does not own a Kindle or a Nook! The following information should assist you in locating and obtaining free books for your reading pleasure on your choice of device!

Where Can I find Free ebooks and audiobooks?

Since the appearance of ebook readers the availability of ebooks and audiobooks online has exploded. However, not all free ebooks and audiobooks are created equal! Some sites offering ebooks, in particular, are offering poorly digitized versions that are best avoided. The following list of free ebook/audiobook sites should prove useful.

  1. epubbooks.com
  2. manybooks.net
  3. libirvox.org
  4. booksshouldbefree.com
  5. openculture.com/freeaudiobooks
  6. freeclassicaudiobooks.com
  7. Project Gutenberg
  8. ThoughtAudio.com
  9. StoryNory (especially for children)
  10. The University of Adelaide (Australia) epub book project
  11. Snee.com – epub books for children
  12. epubbud.com
  13. Digital Boook Index
  14. The Internet Archive (mine this site for audio, video, epub files. Extensive.)
  15. Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature
Upcoming Events
  1. Early Dismissal

    November 21 @ 12:30 pm
  2. Thanksgiving Recess

    November 22 - November 23
  3. End of Trimester 1

    November 29
  4. Report Card Distribution

    December 6
  5. Early Dismissal

    December 21 @ 12:30 pm