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National Junior Honor Society


  • Candidates for NJHS must be in the second semester of 6th grade or in first quarter of grades 7 or 8(with the exception of our inaugural year).
  • To be eligible for selection to membership, the candidate must have been at SBS for at least one full semester.
  • Candidates eligible for selection to the NJHS shall have no grade below a B- and have an overall GPA of 85 for all core courses.
  • Once grade level, attendance and academic requirements have been met, candidates shall be considered based on their leadership, service, citizenship, and character.
  • A member of the NJHS is expected to maintain his or her academic standing throughout the school year and take an active role in service and leadership to his or her school and/or community. Any member who falls below the standards of scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship or service may be considered for dismissal.
  • An honor society student who falls below an 85 overall GPA will be placed on probation for the following marking period and be given until the end of the marking period to bring their grade back up to a B-.  Any student who has one or two course grades that fell below the B- mark will be placed on involved probation (he/she will still be involved in the events being put on by the Honor Society).  Students who have fallen below the B- mark in 3 or more courses will be placed on uninvolved probation for the next marking period (he/she will not participate in any NJHS activities so that he/she can focus on raising his/her grades).  If, following the probationary marking period, the student is not able to improve upon his/her grade, the student will be dismissed from the NJHS at St. Bernadette School.
  • All members will pay a $20 fee for dues to help cover the costs of induction.
Upcoming Events
  1. Early Dismissal

    November 21 @ 12:30 pm
  2. Thanksgiving Recess

    November 22 - November 23
  3. End of Trimester 1

    November 29
  4. Report Card Distribution

    December 6
  5. Early Dismissal

    December 21 @ 12:30 pm