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June Newsletter

Wow! June!  It, truly, is amazing how time flies.  We’ve had a very productive May and will continue, being productive, until the last day of school.

Thank you to all of the parents who chaperoned on the field trip.  I hope it was a memorable, educational experience for all.  The children had so many stories to share today!  The Science Center has given every child a free pass, as a gift.

Our last, read aloud, novel has been Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  This is a class favorite.  We will view the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory movie, (newer version) as part of the end of the year, “fun stuff”.  We will compare and contrast the book to the movie.  I know the old one is a classic, but the newer version correlates to the book a lot more, than the older version.  Let me know if you do not want your child to view this movie.

In math, we have completed fractions and place value to 1,000.  We will proceed with solving three digit addition and subtraction.  We have been using the IXL math to reinforce all of our, learned, math concepts.

As you know, your child has various educational, online accounts. I can’t stress enough to please take advantage of IXL, Read Theory, Moby Max, and Spelling City over the summer.  We are able to view your child’s progress and guide them where they need extra assistance.  Next year, your child’s reading and math levels will be taken on the computers. We have received approval to continue our subscriptions to IXL and Spelling City.  Remember, that IXL, also, has a language arts program.  Keep these apps on your devices for extra practice this summer!

The children have been working on perfecting their cursive handwriting.  I have taught each child how to write their first and last name, and many of them have been choosing to write their names, in cursive, on their class work.  We have gotten through the lowercase alphabet, but are unable to get through all of the uppercase letters.  You may complete the handwriting book over the summer.

On the last day of school, I have a small party planned for the class.  Report cards will also be distributed on the last day.  Please let me know if your child will not be here so I may make sure they get everything that needs to go home.

In closing, I would like to say that this class has been an eager–to learn, wonderful, “stick together” kind of group.  It brings me great joy to have been a part of your child’s learning journey.  I hope they never stop loving school and continue to empower themselves through education.

Lastly, it is only fair that I give a special shout out to all of those hard working dads.  Keep being the loving fathers you all are!  I hope you have a Happy Father’s Day!

Have An Awesome, Relaxing, (Don’t Forget To Read) SUMMER!!

God Bless,

Mrs. Perito 🙂

Important June Dates

5 – Glyph Due

15 – 21 Half Days (12:30), No Aftercare

16 – Field Day

21 – Half Day (12:30), Last Day of School













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